Year in Review

So just like that 2016 is in the books! We’re just a few days into 2017 and I don’t know about y’all but, these years are whizzing by at lightning speed. What I can say though, is that each year continues to bless us with experiences, adventure, and growth. So cheers to all the amazing things we encountered in 2016. Here’s a look back at a few of our proudest moments:

That time Tyshia and I both made ESSENCE!!!!

Tyshia and Cortnee Essence Feature

Tyshia and her husband were featured in Essence sharing their tips on being married and staying happily ever after. #relationshipgoals! I was also featured in Essence featured as a Finalist in the Essence 9th Annual Black Women In Hollywood Contest. #blessedbelles #thanksGod

Actress life was LIT!

Cortnee's Movie Premieres

When I’m not mixing up natural makeup and skin care products for Belle Marron, I’m an actress. In 2016, I attended FOUR awesome movie premieres for the movie Lord Put A Ring On It  St. Thomas, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Atlanta. (Photos of me and my castmates)

So was that writing life!

When Tyshia isn’t behind the scenes working on new Belle Marron products and marketing things, she’s a freelance creative writer. In 2016, aside from working with some big name companies, Tyshia’s writing was featured all over these internet streets. Her work made appearances in magazines like CosmoBiz, on websites, and in collaboration with some really dope black women owned platforms. Werk!

Tyshia CosmoBiz Feature

We launched Belle Marron on Halloween

Our baby finally made its debut! #notricksjusttreats. After three whole years of hard work, we launched the Belle Marron presale on Halloween. Our Belle Box continues to be our #1 product and not to be biased but…it’s basically amazing. The ladies love the Cocoa. Find your tribe and get yours now!

We were featured in TWO gift guides!

For just launching on Halloween to make it into two gift guides our first year in business was a pretty big deal. Super thankful to the dope platforms that recognized us this past holiday season! Much love to Chicks Be Trippin and Queendem!

CBT Gift Guide

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!!