Natural Cosmetics

Hey Belles! Like we promised, we’re taking you into the real life journey of Belle Marron. So let’s take it back to the beginning and fill you in on why we chose to create natural cosmetics for our brown girls.

We gotta keep it real. Although it might look easy, the road to get to the point where we are right now was long, but one that was filled with many revelations. Basically, we wouldn’t be where we are today with those bumps along the way. Formulating cosmetics is a very tedious process involving measurements that we’d never heard of and chemicals we couldn’t pronounce. Our first time formulating together was a full 8 hour day of mixing and we were beyond excited when we came up with something that we could use! Sort of…

We used our sample foundation until it ran out and it was at that point–better late than never right–that we started to read up on the chemicals and ingredients that we were using. We researched every single ingredient that we anticipated using and the results were…troubling to say the least. We decided that we just couldn’t sell products that we knew weren’t good for you.

Fusing Black Girl Hippie & Uptown Chic

Let’s be real, our skin is the largest organ on our bodies and it absorbs whatever we put onto it. Healthy or harmful, it will absorb it. We were steadfast in our decision to only use the most natural ingredients in our products. At the same time, we were committed to our goal to give brown girls a luxury cosmetic experience. We believe that we didn’t have to sacrifice safety for luxury and we know that natural doesn’t have to mean minimal. That fusion became the foundation of Belle Marron.

That decision was over two years ago and it’s being brought to life in just a few weeks.

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