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Belle Marron TV: How To Apply Your Mineral Foundation

Hey Belles! We’re so excited to tell you guys about our newly launched Youtube channel, Belle Marron TV! We have so much in store for you including beauty tutorials, interviews of fellow brown girl bosses, candid behind the scenes things with Cortnee and I, vlogs, wellness tips, and whatever else we can dream up for you!¬†First up, we’re answering a question we’ve been getting a lot.

How do you apply your mineral foundation?

So me and Cort decided to film a quick video showing you exactly how to do that. Make sure you subscribe to our channel when you’re done and hop over to shop our Melanin Rich Mineral Foundation. ~xoxo

Muse Spotlight: 8 Reasons We LOVE Solange

If you’re following us on Pinterest then you know we’re kinda obsessed with Solange. She’s one of our muses for more reasons than we can list in this post. So in honor of our number one love…we wanted to take a moment and share all the reasons we LOVE Solange! (more…)

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