With the rise of websites like Black Minimalist, TV shows like Tiny House, and social media accounts like afrominimalist which showcase how us brown folk do minimalism, it’s becoming obvious that this isn’t a trend that’s going away. Minimalism is a lifestyle. Gone are the days when we were all about adding more to our already hectic lives. We’re now practicing intention, doing more with less, growing our own food, downsizing our homes and closets, and simply doing all the things that helps us slow down and refocus on the things that really matter.

Instead of looking at minimalism through a lens of restriction, we like to think about it as a form of luxury. Practicing minimalism can give you the time and space to explore the things the things that mean the most to you.

Minimalism isn’t boring, it’s luxurious.

So how do you trim the fat and still live a luxurious life? You cut back on day to day things that you don’t need so you can enjoy a trip to Paris, take Kayaking lessons, and buy a road bike to hit the trails in your local park. The way we see having minimalist lifestyle is simply an ode to experiences. Our luxuries lie in the experiences and the space we have to explore them. Because, honestly, how much stuff do you really need? Not to mention, it’s been proven that material possessions doesn’t equate to happiness in one’s life.

I’ve embarked on a minimalist life myself and I’ve found it quite pleasing. Getting rid of my car and expensive rental costs allowed me the freedom to launch 2 businesses, travel often, eat organic, and spend my money supporting fellow women building their dreams. To me that’s winning! Making moments and challenging yourself seems so much better than a closet full of stuff you barely wear anyway. Minimalism as a lifestyle allows you to live an absolute life of luxury because you deliberately choose the specific areas of your life to devout your priceless time and hard earned money and live in those areas to the fullest.

In a nutshell Minimalism is Fabulous! Happy composting, bike riding, carefree living, and lime water drinking. You deserve it.