Finding Your Tribe

It happened to us the moment we met some odd number of years ago at Temple University. You know that moment you connect with another sista and before you know it you’re finishing each other’s sentences, planning nail salon visits, and gabbing about make-up routines at your favorite restaurant. It’s nothing like having a friend who just GETS YOU. Then something magical happens. You meet her friends, she meets your friends. You guys think that introducing everyone would be like amazing because duh… Lisa totally needs to meet Keisha because Lisa is a photographer and Keisha models…yeah that kinda thing. Before you know it you guys are on a girls trip and your crew is everybody’s #squadgoals on instagram. Then it dawns on you…you’ve found your tribe! Your tribe of women who hold you down, push you, support you, encourage you, pray for you, and speak life into you.

That’s what finding your tribe means at Belle Marron. How important is it to have the support of other like-minded women? With lots of popular media–hello reality tv–often showcasing the relationships between women at their worst, we know how important having true friendship is. Our friendship is in fact what led to us starting this company.

So when it comes to finding your tribe and where you belong in Belle Marron, you don’t have to worry your pretty little head because we’ve got you covered. We decided to curate our various shades of foundation into tribes. In our tribes we’ve gone all out with extensive–and we do mean EXTENSIVE–development of our Melanin Rich Foundation Line, to offer you guys the most luxurious, natural, and safe product. We’ve divided each set of shades into different tribes labeled: Honey, Caramel, Cocoa, Mocha,  and Espresso. In those tribes are 3 shades with varying undertones. And that’s just the beginning because these tribes will be ever expanding.

Then we went a little further and decided to name our foundations after some great women of color because we realize that the fact that we exist is because of their courage, dedication, and bravery which allows us to freely create. So we salute each and every foundation shade as it is named after black women who are near and dear to our hearts.

So take a look at what we have to offer, If you’re not sure what color you are, pick a tribe that fits with your complexion the most and we’re sure that you’ll find your perfect match.