Cleaning Your Kabuki Brush

In order to keep your skin clean, clear, and healthy, it’s super important to keep your kabuki brush squeaky clean. If you absolutely loveeeee your Melanin Rich Foundation as much as we love ours then we are pretty sure that you are using your kabuki brush every single day to apply your makeup. And I mean honestly we get it…the brush is super soft and ahhhhmmmmazzzing.

Here’s how to cut down on breakouts while keeping that face beat on the daily. In case you didn’t know regular use of your brush can trap bits of makeup, oil, dirt, and even bacteria in the bristles.  So naturally, we recommend cleaning your brush daily.

After each use spritz your brush with anti-bacterial brush cleaner and wipe it on a clean paper towel. This is a quick fix but after awhile spraying and patting it down won’t be enough and it’ll need a more thorough cleaning, especially if you start to notice and signs of acne. Here’s how to deep clean your makeup brush.

  • Take a section of a clean paper towel and dampen with your chosen brush cleaner–any antibacterial brush cleaner or mild soap will do.
  • Wipe your kabuki brush on the damp section from side to side as the dirt is removed from the brush.
  • You’ll notice the towel getting dirty, once you see this, move to another section and repeat steps one and two.
  • Once all the dirt has been removed, rinse the brush under lukewarm water using your fingers to cleanse the hair. Try to work from the handle to the top of the brush.
  • Rinse under water once more to remove all traces of dirt or soap.
  • Gently reshape the head of the brush and lay flat over the edge of a table or let hang from a brush holder.
  • All 5 – 6 hours for the brushed to dry completely.

After you give your brush a nice scrub down tell us how it turned out. We’d love to hear from you!