Belle Marron is an eco luxe beauty brand designed for and by women of color.  We handcraft makeup and skin care products with natural ingredients for brown girls who want luxury beauty without sacrifice. At Belle Marron, we get you, because we are you.


Our Story – The Beginning

Our story starts way back before we were mixing up natural makeup for black women.  In 2005, two black girls met at Temple University in English class, not knowing that meeting would change the course of our lives. Over the next ten years, classmates turned to friendship, friendship to business partners…and the rest is history.

The Journey to Belle Marron

Belle Marron began in early 2013 when Tyshia had an idea to create a natural, luxury, brand of cosmetics tailored to women of color. To her, Belle Marron (a name meaning beautiful brown) would be a beauty company that put the needs of brown girls first. She envisioned a luxe beauty brand with a focus on wellness that was designed intentionally for us.

On a search for the perfect partner to help her bring this vision to life, she brought up the idea to Cortnée who thought it was brilliant and joined the team a few months later.

Belle Marron slowly grew from a vision, to a plan, to the beauty brand you see today. With three years of formulating, trials, tests, triumphs, and a few stumbles and falls behind us, we’re just getting started. Our vision for Belle Marron is bigger than us but it starts here. Natural, luxury, makeup and skin care for women of color.

Our Beliefs – Where Passion meets Pretty

At the heart Belle Marron is our mantra: Where passion meets pretty. At that intersection are three specific goals. These are our non-negotiables, our sorry, not sorry’s, the reasons why we do what we do.

+ We are here for women of color. That means our focus is black women, daughters of the diaspora, afro-latinas, magical black girls or whatever other name you’re feeling today. We got you. Every product is designed for you brown girl.

+ We are committed to natural makeup and skin care. That means using only ingredients we can trust. We carefully curate and source natural and organic oils, extracts, and botanicals so you can look good and feel good about what you are putting on your body.

+ We believe that natural beauty can be luxurious. At Belle Marron, we love the beauty in the details and eco luxury is our thing. At the intersection of black girl hippie and afro-chic. That’s where you’ll find Belle Marron.